Talk Analysing ecological network for identifying reducing mitigating impacts of infrastructures

Since decade, attention has been paid to common landscapes and to connections between significant reservoirs of biodiversity. This context has highlighted landscape connectivity and ecological network. To promote a safe and ecologically sustainable transport infrastructure, transport systeme will have to minimize impacts on the environment and of course on connectivity.

But ecological networks are spatial patterns that do not necessarily correspond to spatially explicit elements in the landscape. Consequently, reducing impact on connectivity involves a methodological approach specifically designed for modelling ecological networks and functional connectivity. Various methods to quantify landscape connectivity can be used for mitigation of transport infrastructure impacts: individual-based movement models, least-cost analysis, circuit theory, centrality analyses, landscape graphs …

This scientific session will gather scientific presentation concerning identifying, reducing, mitigating impacts of infrastructures.

ecological network, landscape connectivity, methodological approach, least-cost analysis, circuit theory, landscape graph, centrality analysis