Working for biodiversity on linear infrastructures : need of appropriate and efficient tools such as mapping system and stakeholder involvement

The LIFE Elia-RTE project implements 7 innovative actions in Belgium (155 km) and France (7 sites) to combine electrical safety and biodiversity in corridors created by high-tension lines in forest.

The first steps to plan these actions are the vegetation description, mapping and analysis of potentialities. These steps require the choice of appropriate technical tools (hardware & software) from field data collection to database management and reporting.

To ensure a long-term success, action plans must also match with local stakeholders interest by finding win-win agreements.

We address pro's and con's of some IT solutions developed in our project based on feedback after 4 years about two main features : mapping and stakeholders involvement.

Mapping, stakeholders, ecological network, vegetation management, biodiversity, innovation, forest corridors.