GeneDbase – database for evaluation of road barrier effect road on wildlife genetic variability

Molecular genetics allows to analyze changes of genetic variability of wildlife populations. According to the results it is possible to recommend specific measures for mitigation of the degradation of the local population. Many subjects and institutions in the Czech Republic and around the world are focused on research in the field. However, the data are not gain systematically and evenly from a wider areas. Furthermore, for the analysis are used different methods, laboratory kits or devices. Due to these differences it is not possible to compare the results of data analyses. There is no single central database for recording analyzed data, which could be used as a useful tool for collaboration between the institutions. Having one would increase the efficiency of interdisciplinary research and practical application of results.

The project GeneDbase has created the tool for unifying the process of sample collection, its analyzing and central data storing. It will allow to clarify the research in population management of wildlife. The methodology and the databases are useful tools for:

  • specialists when working with genetic data for the evaluation of the road barrier effect,
  • institutions and companies involved in agriculture, forestry, nature and landscape protection, spatial planning, zoology or game management.

A newly created database is used for saving, managing and working with genetic data, gained when analysing individual biological samples. It provides a unified data structure. The access to the database is available only to registered users at webpage: or The database allows:

  • a basic work with data: saving data (individually or mass import),
  • searching and filtering data by specified parameters, view sample position on the map, grouping samples into "focus populations," based on the selected filter parameters,
  • data export, a special export for software Structure,
  • sharing data with co-workers and institutions, and others.

During the projects were chosen places, where the population isolation is expected due to a road with high traffic volume. At these locations we were collecting tissues of hunted animals from local gamekeepers. On few locations we were able to collect enough samples for the microsatellite DNA analysis. Then we compared the analyse results with evaluation of road permeability for wildlife on few locations, where we collected enough samples. According to this comparison, we were able to determine the barrier effect of road on genetic variability.

In our presentation we would like to present the results of the project – the database GeneDbase and the results of evaluation of barrier effect of road on genetic variability of selected species of mammals.

Research project No.TA02031259 “Creating a genetic database of selected species of mammals in the Czech Republic to be used for sustainable transport development” is supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Landscape fragmentation, mammal population, genetic variability, microsatellite, database