Talk IDRRIM : The French Institute for Roads Streets and Mobility Infrastructure

IDRRIM rallies all the public and private bodies operating in the mobility and urban spaces infrastructures sector. Created in 2010 at the initiative of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea and Territorial Development, the Assembly of the Departments of France, the national private-sector engineering and public works federations, the Institute proposes a framework for reflection and action resulting in a jointly-produced and shared repository of common data. With the role of a meeting and exchange forum, its purpose is to provide consistent responses to technical and strategic issues, as well as to promote the development of infrastructure assets and public spaces towards sustainable design and management, and an increasing optimisation of their use.

IDRRIM also strives to promote and expand the reputation of French technical expertise in Europe and abroad. Bringing together 50 members representing the public and private sectors (government agencies, public and private engineering firms, partnership-based associations, training and research organizations) and more than 40 local authorities, individual companies and engineers, the Institute rallies all the public and private players of the transport infrastructure sector.

Since 2010, IDRRIM association organises every year a PRIZE « Infrastructure and biodiversity » to highlight ingenious initiatives on this subject, and promote their deployment. From 2015, the topic « landscape », urban and rural, was added in order to reward also its intelligent consideration in the projects.

The projects prize-winners in 2014 and 2015 will quickly be presented during this presentation to give a general idea of what is possible to do to concretely promote an increased awareness of all actors about biodiversity and landscape as reference-points.

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