Workshop A French policy of ecological network : the Green and Blue Infrastructure la Trame verte et bleue

This session will introduce the Green and Blue Infrastructure policy in France, its principles and how it works.

 Official State agents present how a national policy on green infrastructure is implemented on several coherent levels.

 This policy is new (initiated in 2007 by the Environment Round Table) and unique in Europe as a national goal, but not well-known enough yet due to a lack of international communication.

 The session shows a structural policy designated as an answer to fragmentation of natural landscape, aiming to preserve and restore functional networks. It is based on the “TVB” network: a green component (natural and semi-natural landscapes on land) and a blue component (water and wetland network).

 French State has created a complete policy, which integrates local, regional and national frames, and developed initiatives.

The Green and Blue Infrastructure is based on three interlocked levels: national guidelines (by decree), regional scheme of ecological coherence (regional council + state government), and planning documents, especially produced by local councils (land use, urban planning); they are meant to be articulated and consistent.

Another innovative aspect is the Resource center on TVB: a group of experts from public partners, coordinated by the ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea. This resource center mostly targets professional users, providing information, making available technical, methodological and scientific resources, and sharing experiences.

 Whilst still in its early stage, the study of TVB can inspire other countries as an example, and an integrated policy on a national level.


 Speakers :

Main speaker : Didier Labat, national project officer on the Green and Blue Infrastructure

  • Ministry on the policy itself
  • specialists (Centre de ressources) about the methods
  • a local government about the regional scheme
public policy, planning, local government, network