Workshop Restoring Natura 2000 habitats under overhead hightension lines : example of peatlands heathlands and calcareous grasslands restoration in Belgium and France

Through the Habitats Directive, the European Union has listed natural habitats that require special attention. Their protection is partly ensured by the implementation of Natura 2000.

But major private linear companies can also have a positive impact on these natural habitats.

In the LIFE Elia-RTE project, two Transmission System Operators are carrying out restoration actions along the electrical grid to restore highly valuable and threatened habitats: peatlands, heatlands, calcareous grassland and other Natura 2000 priority habitats.

Feedbacks on methods used to restore 40 ha of such habitats under high-tension lines in Belgium and France.

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Electricity transmission, linear infrastructures, ecological network, natural habitats, Natura 2000, vegetation management, biodiversity, restoration