Talk Complete inventory of trees along roads in the Czech Republic

Street tree inventory as a basic tool to their controll and management is performed in the Czech Republic according to a methodology, which is presently being generaly standardised within Standards for Nature and Country Conservation. Basic data about trees are available for public on web page, which enables sharing the complete data set with tree managers and arborists. Basic features include risk assessment of trees, tree care proposals, value calculation, management of bracing/cabling systems, inventory of planted trees, evidence of trees colonised by associated organisms (tree biodiversity assessment).

Out of 14 districts of the Czech Republic the complete inventory along A-roads (roads of 1-st cathegory) is presently completed in 8 and in next 2 will be ready untill end of 2016. Similar tree inventories are performed in cities and vilages. At present the complete data set includes 852 995 individually assessed trees and 36 921 tree groups. Complete inventory has been finished on approx. 4 500 km of roads.

Presentation will include description of the methodology and software (GIS) tools used for data collection and analysis. Basic overview of management proposals (controlls, updates, shared features) will be described.

arboriculture, tree care, tree risk assessment