Talk Avenue trees: a wealth of red list species but still too little specific studies concerning tree lined transport infrastructures

A brief literature survey about the biodiversity linked to the trees lining road infrastructures shows that they harbour or play a role in the life cycle of many red list species. Mosses and lichens, but also butterflies and beetles or bats of endangered species have been identified in studies carried out for instance in Germany, in Sweden or in France.

 But the number of published studies dealing specifically with the biodiversity of avenue trees is limited, in spite of the proven role of linear structures as refuges and corridors along roads. One of the consequences is for instance that avenues are underrepresented in the biodiversity atlas established in some French counties.

 Based on the results of the literature survey and on the need for more studies expressed by actors involved in the preservation of avenues, inside or outside the administration of the environment, we identify what kind of studies could be of interest to assert more firmly the importance of avenue trees for the biodiversity

tree; avenue; red list species; verges