Workshop Wildlife detectors to reduce animalvehicle collisions : sharing experience

Hitting an animal like wildboar, reindeer, moose, with a car can be a fatal encounter. Reduce the collision is more than a safety measure because these crashes are costly in health care, vehicle repair and emergency services costs. In terms of biodiversity, some species could be in danger with roadkill (badgers for example). For example, in France 40 000 collisions occurred in 2008 between cars and wild animals and caused around 30 human deaths.

Fence is a partial solution but it creates strong barriers to animal movements. So, when it’s not possible to restore or create safe fauna crossings over or under roads, some ILT managers have installed wildlife detectors and alert systems for detecting wildlife along roads and warn drivers in real time to reduce the speed of cars.

Some countries have installed different types of systems to detect animals (sensors and infrared cameras, laser tripwires, radar …).

The workshop propose sharing experiences on wildlife detector use: about method and material used, positioning of the detection system, sensitivity adjustment, monitoring, effect on driver comportment, effect on collision …

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