Talk GASBI a French original initiative: developers and scientists working together in collective intelligence to integrate biodiversity in upstream development projects

GASBI is an informal reflexive group composed exclusively of scientists, including ecologists from public research and developers. Developers are motivated people working for quarries, transport companies energy, public works, renewable energy production, or road infrastructure.

GASBI means « Groupe d’échanges entre Aménageurs et Scientifiques autour de la Biodiversité et des Infrastructures » (Exchange group between Planners and Scientists around the Biodiversity and Infrastructure). It works in construction and collective intelligence.

The heart of its concerns is to question the change necessary to act on a key element: the integration of biodiversity in upstream development projects. As researchers and developers had a tendency to stay in their world, GASBI creates a place for dialogue and exchange between researchers and developers in conditions of independence and ethical responsibility.

For 2 years, three major projects were built especially with the support of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur and the Fondation de France.

Project “Livre Blanc”: this book is an overview of scientific and technical approaches during development projects. It will encourage to give biodiversity the place it deserves, relying in particular on collaborative design and transverse modes. this book will present successful feedback and unsuccessful in two voices: voice of scientist and voice of developer.

Project “cross-training”: this training is created and run by scientists for developers and vice versa. It will co-build modules by and for scientists and planners to transmit the vision of the business of each and consider the co-construction of infrastructure.

Project “platform”: an exchange platform based on knowledge trees concept (developed by Michel Serre and Michel Authier) and a classification of skills to access those resources, mobilize and ensure the upstream integration of biodiversity issues.

infrastructure developer, scientist, sharing experience, collective intelligence, biodiversity